Who we are

Who are we? Gordon Square Communications was founded in 2012 to provide communications consultancy to organisations and corporations operating in fast-changing political environments. Our team has more than a decade of experience in devising and orchestrating communications for some of Europe’s largest organisations, from UK local government to the European Commission; building and protecting reputations; shifting attitudes and changing behaviours. From single-issue-based strategy development to fully-integrated, cross-policy campaigns, Gordon Square is your partner in communications. We will help you achieve your organisational objectives by supporting you and challenging you. We are ambitious for our clients, because we are ambitious for ourselves. Integrity is embedded in everything we do.

Why choose us? We are a young, innovative communications company with a proven track record in successful communications. We are not bound by old ways of communicating to new audiences. We are not afraid to be creative while being credible. We pride ourselves in our ability to think critically and strategically about complex communications issues and deliver effective solutions that are proven by rigorous monitoring and evaluation.

What makes us different? We don’t just think about our audiences – we involve them in what we do. From elements of strategy development to new campaign approaches, we actively engage with those who are the target audience for our communications, be they groups or individuals, before implementation, not after. Our unique approach to strategy testing greatly improves our chances of success.

How we work. We work virtually so you don’t incur the costs of maintaining a high-end office. That said, we are available to meet with you as often as you like, whether in-person or online, frequently or not at all. We are available by telephone, email, Skype or face-to-face whenever you need us.