What might a digital press office look like?

What might a press office look like, if a selection of the brilliant and (mostly) free digital tools were put to work? I’m thinking about a real world scenario: where budgets are lean or non-existent, so I won’t be suggesting iPads for every press officer. And I recognise that not everyone is a confident social media user, so the emphasis is on listening rather than engagement. I am also trying to be realistic about how important social media channels are perceived to be on the media scale.

Source: Government Communication Network


Does Africa Need Our Outrage?

How do we ensure that international outrage on justice and rights issues is communicated and channelled more effectively, so as to provide vital moral and practical support for grass-roots activism?

The RSA and Aeon Magazine brings together a panel of expert commentators to debate the issue and to explore ways of encouraging a more positive, intelligently informed and productive international human rights discourse and engagement.

Speakers: Graeme Wood, contributing editor to The Atlantic: Peter Tatchell, renowned human rights and LGBT global justice campaigner and Dorcas Erskine, National Coordinator for the Poppy Project and former Head of Policy for ActionAid.

Chair: Brigid Hains, co-founder and editor of Aeon magazine and director of Touchstone Trust

Westjet viral video

How do you turn a sleepy boarding lounge into the North Pole in 60 seconds? On December 4, 2012, we decided to surprise 166 guests waiting to board a Calgary-Toronto red-eye flight with a little Christmas cheer. We invited elves, snowmen, carolers, sugar plum fairies, reindeer and Santa Claus, himself, to help us make this a memorable evening. Thanks to all our guests for joining in on the fun!

Beyoncé’s new album and the revolution in PR


“With digital sales and streaming becoming utterly dominant, distribution becomes as simple as buying some server space, while social networking allows the news to instantly reach the people who care, obviating the need for middlemen. It’s a situation being played out in TV too, with the likes of Red Bull and Vice becoming broadcasters in and of themselves without piggybacking big networks. The app ecosystem which frames producers as individual units will further popularise the approach – and makes Apple a powerful, mercifully silent new middleman.”