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What all good clients have in common


[Source] Over the past several years, I have had the pleasure of doing PR for many great clients and some that are not so wonderful. One long-term client is a brilliant communicator — she tells me what I need to know before I even know that I need to know it. She is also appreciative and actually asks me if I got my last check. I would walk through fire for her! At the other end of the spectrum, a very demanding client had such wildly unrealistic expectations, it was comical. It wasn’t so funny when I did not get paid in full.

So as I plan my new business strategy for 2014, I’ve put together a list of “best client” common denominators. These are the people we should all strive to work with in the New Year:

  • They respect what we do
  • They are responsive
  • They communicate effectively and keep us up-to-date
  • They see us as partners
  • They speak well of us
  • They pay us on time
  • Their expectations about what PR can do for them are realistic
  • They provide feedback often
  • They don’t undermine your expertise by rewriting your press releases or articles
  • They don’t expect you to work for free
  • They say “thank you.”

11 Fundamental Ingredients of a Great Blog Post


1. Magnetic headline.

Truly magnetic headlines catch the eye of your reader and draws them into your world and gives them a taste for what the rest of the post entails. Think about what intrigues your readers most and craft a creative way to communicate it that will attract them and make them want to read the rest.

2. Open with a bang.

Pull no punches, start off with something powerful to set the tone for the rest of the post. Giving your audience something of value and quality right off the bat will encourage them to continue reading to discover what else you have to offer.

3. Use persuasive words.

Using powerful and compelling words in your posts can help direct the decision making process of your reader. Note: You should not use this to manipulate your audience but use it to guide them to the truth you are trying to convey.

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Change will be everywhere in 2014; Embrace it

It is nearly 2014, and as communications executives, our strategies and tactics must reflect the changing media environment. While a good story is still important, print, digital, social, and video all must be part of an integrated approach to get our message into the marketplace. And we must embrace our colleagues in employee communications, investor relations, and in marketing to make our messaging resonate.

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