CSR and Internal Communication … a match made in engagement heaven?


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can often sit apart from Internal Communication in an organisation’s structure – but would both be better suited as an integrated function, woven throughout the business?

What’s the status of CSR in your organisation today and where is it heading? Furthermore, when you consider the Internal Communication function, do you see CSR integrating or transforming? We spoke to IC and CSR leaders to understand exactly how the IC/CSR relationship is playing out. At the highest level, ensuring CSR integrates itself within the Internal Communication function, and broader business, can in itself lead to driving future company strategy and prevent stagnation of CSR – so which companies are making inroads in this space and how well-positioned is Internal Communication to facilitate it?

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Informed employee voice

This infographic summarises the thinking behind the need to keep employees informed about important organisational topics and giving them a say about what goes on.