What we do

Strategy development

A communications strategy is fundamental to an organisation’s success. Thinking through the issues critically and developing strategic approaches to the challenges identified, we will develop a comprehensive strategy for achieving your communications objectives.

Internal communication

Whether communicating change or making sure your employees are consistently engaged with your organisation’s key messages, internal communications is as critical to the achievement of your organisational objectives as external communications. We are experts in the field.

Image and Reputation

We understand that image is everything that’s why we put everything into managing and maintaining yours. Devising and implementing pro-active communications so that crisis point is never reached, we work with you to ensure your name remains untarnished.


An external evaluation of your communications activity is a worthwhile investment. Whether an evaluation of an individual activity or a wholesale communications audit, Gordon Square can provide you with an independent assessment complete with recommendations.


We can provide instant insight or on-going assistance in meeting your communication challenges. Whether you engage us for just a day, or make us an on-going member of your project, we can add value to your communication efforts.