Beyoncé’s new album and the revolution in PR


“With digital sales and streaming becoming utterly dominant, distribution becomes as simple as buying some server space, while social networking allows the news to instantly reach the people who care, obviating the need for middlemen. It’s a situation being played out in TV too, with the likes of Red Bull and Vice becoming broadcasters in and of themselves without piggybacking big networks. The app ecosystem which frames producers as individual units will further popularise the approach – and makes Apple a powerful, mercifully silent new middleman.”



“Happy” by Pharrell Williams

“Happy,” which is featured on the upcoming soundtrack for the film Despicable 2, is just the latest in a series of recent interactive videos from high-profile artists. Earlier this week, Bob Dylan released a stunning video for his single “Like a Rolling Stone” — replete with lip-synching and channel-switching — and in September, Arcade Fire released a video that users can control with their smartphones.