Style-conscious localization: Tips to ensure global branding success


We’ve all heard that looks aren’t everything, right? Well, that’s just not the case when it comes to your brand and how it’s perceived by international audiences. When your global success depends on how well your customers respond to you, image is everything.

Because websites and mobile apps tend to be your customers’ first encounter with your brand, it’s important that you make the right impression.

Branding these tools for global audiences can be tricky. You want them to maintain your company look and feel but meet local user requirements as well. Each region you target has its own preferences and expectations—which requires a unique localization strategy.

Styled for success: Get to know your audience

Designing your website or mobile application without understanding your target demographic is risky at best. Though the website or app may be aesthetically beautiful, it may not be well received or serve its intended function in other countries.

To properly localize these platforms you must thoroughly research the cultural nuances for insight into what each locale prefers when it comes to design, color schemes, and even page layout on the screen. It is important to understand what each audience expects when they access a website or app.

People in some countries (such as Japan and Greece) typically prefer more images over text, while others (such as inhabitants of Scandinavian nations) generally prefer the opposite.

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